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Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Development and Public Policy


Introduction to Development

  • Economic Development

  • Social Development

  • Human Development

  • Sustainable Development

  • Development studies theory and practice  

  • International Development Cooperation  

Introduction to Sustainable Development and SDG Goals

  • Focus on Agenda 2030 

  • Focus 17 SDG Goals

Introduction to Public Policy

  • Public Policy Theory and Practice

  • Why What and How of Public Policy?

  • Social Policies 

  • Economic Policies

  • Law and Public Policy

  • Economics and public policies

  • Public Finance and Budget accountability

 Introduction to Governance

  • Understanding the Constitution 

  • National Governance 

  • State/provincial Governance 

  • Local Governance 

  • Global Governance 

  • Role of Civil Society 

  • Role of Private Sector  

  • Human Rights: UDHR, Conventions, Systems, and Instruments  

  • Systems of governance 

  • Legislature, Executive and Judiciary 

  • Understanding Bureaucracy 

  • Accountability and Transparency

Public Policy Advocacy

  • Public Policy Advocacy: Theory and practices 

  • Media Advocacy 

  • New Media and social media advocacy 

  • Strategic planning 

  • Campaign strategies 

Data Science and Public Policy

  • Introduction to Data Science

  • Application of Data Science in Public Policy

  • Hypothesis testing

  • Randomised Control Trial

  • Evidence-based policymaking

Introduction to Research Methodology

  • Definition of Research

  • Importance of Research Methodology

  • How to prepare a research paper 

Careers Options

  • Career options in the development sector, public policy, public health, human rights at the national or international levels  

Note: The above-mentioned curriculum is indicative. Detailed syllabus and course modules will be shared with selected candidates later.

Courses: Course Overview
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